Carolyn Dee Flores Author/Illustrator

Carolyn Dee Flores loves books so much, she started writing and illustrating her own books when she was in second grade.


Her very first book, A TRIP THROUGH SPACE AIR, was a masterpiece!














Carolyn's father was in the U.S. Air Force. So, her family traveled all over the world.


In Bangkok, Thailand

 Carolyn even rode elephants with her mother and brother.



But everywhere, always,

Carolyn's favorite thing was reading books!




When Carolyn grew up, she attended Trinity University, and worked as a computer analyst.

She became a professional rock musician and a composer.

She wrote soundtracks for television and film.

But, finally, Carolyn came back to what she loved the most - writing and illustrating children's books!

Carolyn is now working on her twelfth book for children!